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Your Captain



I am so gad that you are considering joining me on Sailing Yacht COCAL for your lifetime adventure!

I know that you will love the freedom that sailing offers. There is nothing like watching a sunset with full sails up, or surfing a wave, or night sailing with the ocean breathing around you.


You could say that I'm a fish out of water when I'm too far from the sea! You could simply say that I LOVE the ocean. 


Being just a young boy when I learned to sail, it comes as naturally to me as breathing or walking. My father introduced me to sailing at the very young age of four on a little optimist. I mastered it in no time and became very competitive. I quickly moved up to the 420 class Dinghy and learned how to sail in the Adriatic Sea.


Competitive sailing on small boats helped me gain valuable experience along with working as a deckhand on various yachts. Once I felt confident enough I bought my own boat, a Genesi 43 which I used to provide charters and lessons to sailing enthusiasts. 

I sailed my boat all around the coast of Italy solo & with very few stops. I wanted to challenge myself- and I certainly did!


This experience made me decide to continue to develop my skills and I joined a magnificent Motor-Sailor in 2001 for my first Atlantic Crossing. What an experience that was!

I had been taken on as the deck hand but I soon worked my way up to being Captain of this gorgeous 75 foot yacht. I then spent the next 15 years sailing all over the world; Caribbean, South America, Europe, Red Sea, Seychelles, Madagascar, Seychelles, India, Malaysia, Borneo, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Australia, Fiji, Vanuatu, Etc. During this time I also did several refits and repairs, making sure that my engineering skills were up to standard for sailing in remote areas where spare parts and mechanics are not just around the corner!

With over 100,000 nautical miles of sailing experience, I can honestly say that my love for the ocean has not diminished at all.

I'm ready for more adventure and hope you will join me!  Let me offer you my experience with ocean expeditions, adventure sailing, exploring new and exotic places and I am sure we will have fun together. 


I take the safety of my crew and guests very seriously and I'm also always eager to push the boundaries, making sure that you will not be bored with your sailing experience but will always feel safe. 

S.Y. COCAL is a yacht for people who want to experience real sailing. She's elegant, sporty and very fast. She doesn't need much wind and is very responsive. It's a pleasure to be on her decks under full sail with the water smoothly caressing the waterline. 

I would love to show you what sailing is about and pass on some of my passion for the ocean and sailing- you may learn a few tricks!

You will certainly walk away feeling like a true adventurer. 

See you soon!


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