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World ARC

Sailing Schedule 2020- 2021

The World ARC is a well known rally for sailing enthusiasts from all over the world. Sailing as part of a well organised rally helps to make complicated long distance routes easier to plan and it's definitely fun to be part of a group who love the same things. Meet loads of people who just want to sail, explore exotic destinations and have sailing adventures of a lifetime. 

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Sailing Itinerary 2020- 2021

Please note prices are per person and inclusive of tax.

Important: You are responsible for ensuring that you have ALL Appropriate visas for travel to all countries in the passport which you will use for a particular sailing trip. Arrival without these visas will lead to you not being allowed to participate in a booked trip. 

Note that as we are sailing as part of an organised event, some dates may change. We don't anticipate this will affect your flight dates, however it may be wise to give yourself time after the scheduled disembarkation for your departure flight. Use the time to explore these exotic destinations! 


Leg 1-  18 September – 20 October 2020: 

Lombok-Christmas Island- Cocos Keeling- Mauritius


September 18 – October 20 2020

Days: 33
Starts: Lombok , Indonesia
Ends: Mauritius
Price: £5,900
Deposit: £590


Total number of days 

3,500 NM

33 days

From Lombok we will sail 625nm West across the Indian Ocean to Christmas Island where we will have a short stay of 24-48 hours estimated to fall between the 25th to the 28th September.

You will be able to enjoy the gifts that this island has to offer including: a rain-forest rich in biodiversity which will feed your soul with its natural beauty, a diverse and colourful selection of bird life that will assault your senses not to mention the stunning untouched beaches.

After the short stop in Christmas Island, we will make our way to the Cocos Keeling Islands, 525nm away. This is open ocean sailing which may take 4-5 days to complete.

The aquamarine water of the tropical Cocos Keeling Islands make this a paradise on earth. Its 2 coral atolls comprise 27 tiny islands which of course offer white-sand beaches, palm trees and lagoons. We will be navigating past underwater coral forests- brimming with green and hawksbill turtles and other marine life.

After a couple of days of rest and exploration in Cocos, we will sail 2350nm to Mauritius. This will be the end of Leg 1 and you will be free to explore the beautiful tropical Indian Ocean Island is known for its clear blue waters, beautiful beaches and lagoons. It’s also a great place to hike in and you will not be disappointed to explore this island before you head home.

Your travel plans will be:

Fly into Lombok Indonesia, where you can board Sailing Yacht COCAL any time after 2pm (Afternoon) on September 18 2020.

Fly out of Mauritius, where you will disembark Sailing Yacht COCAL by 12:00 midday on October 20 2020.


Leg 2- 01 November to 16/*26 November 2020: 

Réunion- Richard’s Bay with option to go to

* Cape Town


November 01 to November 16 or *26 2020 (Réunion to Richards Bay/* Cape Town, South Africa)

Days: 16 Days- * Add 10 days 
Starts: Réunion
Ends: Richards Bay, South Africa- possible option to continue on to Cape Town
Price: £4,900  -  * Add additional £1,900 if you wish to go to Cape Town 
Deposit: £490 - * If continuing to Cape Town add £190


Total number of days 

1,370 NM

or 2090 NM

16 Days

* or 26 Days 


The island of Réunion is one of the most beautiful in the world; dramatic mountains with incredible panoramas, reefs, forests, turquoise blue seas, waterfalls and remote beaches. Nature at its best. You will have a few days to explore this lovely island.

From Réunion we will be doing some superb offshore sailing and after 1370nm, we will make landfall on the South African coast. The town of Richards Bay lies almost halfway between Durban and Kosi Bay and forms the tourist gateway to Zululand. It has some of the most spectacular scenery on the north coast of KwaZulu Natal.

Just south of Richard’s Bay is Durban, a busy port city that embraces its Afro-Indian roots. Durban is a fun and dynamic city that has the natural beauty of the tropics and offers cultural diversity that is fun and exciting. There are several Game Reserves easily accessible from Durban. You will need to take a bus or taxi to Durban for your flight out. Durban is about 177km's from Richards Bay. 

If you are joining us for the leg to Cape Town, note that the itinerary will be flexible dependent on arrival date in Richards Bay and the weather at this time of year. We will sail about 720nm from Richards Bay. Cape Town has so much to offer and we encourage you to take the time to explore this cosmopolitan city. It’s called the city of ‘Two Oceans’- the Indian Ocean is to the South and the Atlantic to the West. This is in itself a wonder of the world for an adventuring sailor. Cape Town’s iconic Table Mountain will meet you majestically as you sail in and the city and surrounding areas have so much to offer, you will not know where to start. You might see magnificent Great White sharks, Humpback whales, a plethora of sea birds and on land you will be spoilt by the fantastic array of colourful birds, parks and natural spaces. Not to mention a selection of high quality restaurants and shopping malls. 

Cape Town is major hub and the perfect place to fly home from- after you’ve done some exploring. You will experience some superb offshore sailing, perhaps you can hike up table mountain, or add in a big five safari. Cape Town is a beautiful gem that you will thoroughly enjoy. Let us know if you need accommodation in Cape Town after disembarking from S.Y.COCAL

Your travel plans will be:

Fly into Réunion, where you can board Sailing Yacht COCAL any time after 2pm (Afternoon) on November 01 2020.

Fly out of  Richards Bay, South Africa, where you will disembark Sailing Yacht COCAL by 12:00 midday on November 16 2020.

Or fly out of Cape Town 

Image 4.JPG

Leg 3- 2 JANUARY 2021 - 2 FEBRUARY 2021: 

Cape Town – Namibia - St Helena – Salvador


January 02 to February 02 2021

Days: 32
Starts: Cape Town, South Africa
Ends: Salvador, Brazil
Price: £6,900
Deposit: £690


Total number of days 

3,900 NM

32 days


If you love true ocean sailing, this is for you! The South Atlantic is an iconic passage for any sailor and we will have to navigate almost 4000nm of open ocean with vast Atlantic rollers, feel small as you gaze upon the stars and feel as adventurers felt 100’s of years ago! 

We leave Cape Town and head up the west coast 785nm to Namibia. We will take a few days to explore this unique landscape that is distinguished by the Namib Desert which creates a barren and sand swept landscape along its Atlantic Ocean coast. It is also home to diverse wildlife and game and its coastal towns with their distinctive German colonial-era buildings.

We will then sail 1215nm where we will take advantage of the opportunity to stop and explore the rarely visited South Atlantic island of St Helena. We will spend a few days exploring the 47 square mile island that is one of the remotest settled islands in the world, which has in turn created a sub-tropical paradise full of indigenous wildlife. 

Let's continue on the next long passage of 1900nm to Salvador on the east coast of Brazil.
Salvador, listed as a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site, is Brazil’s first capital with a perfectly preserved old historical town. It’s a city brimming with vibrant culture and artistic energy, stemming from its ethnic mixture - predominantly African, with influences from Europe and Latin.


You should consider extending your stay in Brazil for the world famous Carnival which is between the 12-16 February!  

Your travel plans will be:
Fly into Cape Town, South Africa , where you can board Sailing Yacht COCAL any time after 2pm (Afternoon) on January 02 2021.

Fly out of Salvadore, Brazil, where you will disembark Sailing Yacht COCAL by 12:00 midday on February 05 2021.


Leg 4- 16 FEBRUARY – 26 February 2021: 

Salvador- Cabedelo


February 16 to February 26 2021

Days: 11
Starts: Salvador, Brazil
Ends: Cabedelo, Brazil
Price: £3,900
Deposit: £390


Total number of days 

490 NM

11 days


This is an incidental leg as we wait for the rendezvous with other WARC boats.

Catch the tail end of Carnival on this leg, or arrive a few days earlier and enjoy it fully before joining Sailing Yacht Cocal.


This leg begins in Salvador de Bahia, a unique colonial city that has managed to preserve many outstanding Renaissance buildings, with its bright colours and exquisite stucco work. There will be time to explore this lively town along with its flamboyant fusion of local art, food and music.

We then depart on a relaxing cruise up the northeast coast, which offers the opportunity to experience the hidden gems of Brazil, away from the larger cosmopolitan cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.


Our 450nm tour up the coast will provide a chance to delve into the beautiful beaches, quaint colonial towns, excellent kite-boarding spots, lively street parties, friendly locals and immersion in the intoxicating salsa music.

Your travel plans will be:

Fly into Salvador, Brazil , where you can board Sailing Yacht COCAL any time after 2pm (Afternoon) on February 16 2020.

Fly out of Cabedelo, Brazil, where you will disembark Sailing Yacht COCAL by 12:00 midday on February 26 2021.


Leg 5- 01 March – 21 March 2021: 

Cabedelo – Devil’s Island – Grenada


March 01 to March 21 2021

Days: 21
Starts: Cabedelo, Brazil
Ends: Grenada, Caribbean 
Price: £4,900
Deposit: £490


Total number of days 

2300 NM

22 days


We will rendezvous with the WARC fleet in Cabedelo before heading north on the 4th March, 1330nm away, for a brief stay in Devil’s Island: French Guiana. Devil’s Island prison is a place that lives in infamy. Although escape was always on the minds of the prisoners, it was virtually impossible because of the sharks that circled the island, waiting for the bodies of prisoners who died in captivity and were thrown into the ocean.

You can anticipate a superb week of offshore sailing, rounding the easternmost edge of Brazil and sailing along the coast of French Guiana. About nine miles from Kourou, a small coastal town in French Guiana on the north-eastern coast of South America, is a group of three islands called the Îles du Salut, known by English speakers as the Salvation Islands. 

We then cruise to Grenada, 690nm to the northwest, known as ‘The Island of Spice’ due to its production of nutmeg and mace crops. This leg ends here, but there will be ample time to explore the lush landscape of this volcanic island, hike to the waterfalls or dive the world’s first underwater sculpture park.

Your travel plans will be:

Fly into Cabedelo, Brazil , where you can board Sailing Yacht COCAL any time after 2pm (Afternoon) on March 01 2020.

Fly out of Grenada, Caribbean, where you will disembark Sailing Yacht COCAL by 1200 midday on March 21 2021.

Let's go sailing on S.Y. COCAL

Leg 6- 24 March 2021- 08 April 2021: 

Grenada-Carriacou- Saint Vincent & the Grenadines- Saint Lucia


March 24 to April 08 2021

Days: 15 days
Starts: Grenada, Caribbean
Ends: Saint Lucia, Caribbean 
Price: £5,900
Deposit: £590


Total number of days 

150 NM

15 days


From Grenada we will have a relaxed cruise back to Saint Lucia, stopping wherever it looks good to us.


Sail to Carriacou from Grenada,  home to endless white sand beaches where we can relax and picnic in the shade of coconut trees.  From there it is a short sail to the Tobago Cays - a blue water paradise with some of the best shallow, coral reef snorkelling to be found in the Caribbean. We can hike and explore the area and have a fun dinner on the beach.

We then make our way north, with a stop in the exclusive island of Mustique where we can see how the rich and famous like to relax….not that we will be doing too badly ourselves! Perhaps we can even head to the famous Basil’s Bar for drinks and swim in the crystal clear waters of the anchorage in Britannia Bay.

On to Bequia where we can enjoy the lively local life. Colourful fruit stalls compete with lovely architecture and we will have a great selection of restaurants on the waterfront.

We will then head to Wallilabou Bay in Saint Vincent, to take in the lush scenery and waterfalls and stay in the bay made famous by the film, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.

Finally we arrive in Saint Lucia, with a stop at the dramatic anchorage between the steep-sided Pitons, before returning to Rodney Bay for the Rally celebrations and marking the end of our 7 month Demi WARC.


Your travel plans will be:

Fly into Grenada, Caribbean - where you can board Sailing Yacht COCAL any time after 2pm (Afternoon) on March 24 2021.

Fly out of Saint Lucia, Caribbean- where you will disembark Sailing Yacht COCAL by 1200 midday on April 07 2021.



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