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Let's go sailing!

Join us on the WORLD ARC

A famous sailing rally filled with fun and adventure.

World ARC

Leg 1

Lombok,Indonesia- Christmas Island- Mauritius

18/09/20 - 20/10/20

Days: 33
Starts: Lombok , Indonesia
Ends: Mauritius

Price: £5,900


Leg 4

Salvador- Cabedelo

16/02/21 - 26/02/21

Days: 11
Starts: Salvador, Brazil
Ends: Cabedelo, Brazil

Price: £3,900


Leg 2

Réunion- Richard’s Bay with option to go to
* Cape Town

01/11/20 - 16 or 26/11/20

Days: 16 Days- * Add 10 days 
Starts: Réunion
Ends: Richards Bay, South Africa- possible option to continue on to Cape Town


Price: £4,900


Leg 5

Cabedelo – Devil’s Island – Grenada

01/03/21 - 21/03/21

Days: 21
Starts: Cabedelo, Brazil
Ends: Grenada, Caribbean 

Price: £4,900


Leg 3

Cape Town – Namibia - St Helena – Salvador

02/01/21 - 02/02/21

Days: 32
Starts: Cape Town, South Africa
Ends: Salvador, Brazil

Price: £6,900


Leg 6

Grenada- Saint Vincent & the Grenadines- Saint Lucia

24/03/21 - 08/04/21

Days: 15 days
Starts: Grenada, Caribbean
Ends: Saint Lucia, Caribbean 

Price: £5,900

You will be reassured to know that we are not doing this alone.  This is a very well organised event that will allow you to meet new people from all over the world, who all share a love of sailing. A small fleet of around 30-40 boats, crewed by adventurers just like you. Some of them will have completed half of the 26000 nm circumnavigation, so will be very informative! They all help to create a community atmosphere that is fun and exciting. As part of the rally, organisers plan several shore side activities and events, ensuring that you get to enjoy each destination with new friends.  

If you've ever wanted to explore the world just as adventurers did millennia ago when they were discovering untouched gems around the globe, then you should sail.

The World ARC is a rally which takes fifteen months to complete a full circumnavigation of 26,000nm. This year Sailing Yacht Cocal will be doing a Demi World ARC which is divided into 5 legs. You can choose whether you would like to join us for just one leg or sail all the way to St Lucia! 


By choosing to sail with Cocal, you will experience adventure, sport sailing and build a repertoire of sailing experiences that most people only dream about.  We will head across the Indian Ocean from Lombok, Indonesia, Christmas Island, the Cocos Keeling Islands and down to South Africa before the end of 2020. In 2021, we will head to Namibia and then the amazing South Atlantic will carry us to St Helena after which we will go to Brazil in time for the world famous Carnival! After beautiful Brazil we will sail towards Saint Lucia in the Eastern Caribbean with several breathtaking stops along the way.


Starting in January 2022- we will be doing the full World ARC. We will keep you posted. 

This is truly your chance to have an adventure of a lifetime. 

All you need to do is decide where you want to meet us.

It's that easy!


Ready to book?

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