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Sailing and ocean voyages

What we offer

Exploring the world on a sailing adventure is more affordable than you think and you don’t need to be an experienced sailor to do it!

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Join a sail as a crew member on the stunning Sailing Yacht COCAL and have an experience of a lifetime!

This is no ordinary sailing charter, it’s a life adventure with exploration of exotic and sometimes challenging to reach destinations and an opportunity to sail and crew with like-minded people.

I-Nautica Adventure Sailing provides sailing experiences to amazing and beautiful locations all over the world.

For many, cruising and exploring by yacht is a just a dream. We are here to make the dream come true! Ocean exploration is possible for everyone.

As a member of the crew, you are expected to join in all aspects of sailing and life aboard. You will be hands-on sail rigging, navigation, watches, route planning, weather analysis, radio communications, maintenance and all the basic duties of running an ocean sailing vessel. Our professionally licensed Captain Andrea will guide you and you will be a stronger sailor after this experience. A positive attitude, team spirit and commitment are the most important pre-requisites. 

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This is what we offer for the Sailing adventurer

Exhilarating trips for veteran sailors who want to push out of their comfort zone and gain experience in challenging and exciting voyages to destinations that are far and sometimes difficult to reach.

An opportunity for developing sailors to learn from a highly skilled captain and gain the miles and experience they need to go sailing on their own or as part of a crew, or even just for fun!

A wonderfully exciting holiday for people who enjoy the freedom of sailing, adventure, diving, exotic destinations and an opportunity to enjoy life and all it has to offer!

Whether you are landlocked with a desire for adventure or are an experienced sailor seeking the thrill of sailing an expedition yacht while seeing new, exciting locations- or simply someone wanting an exciting holiday of a lifetime, Sailing Yacht Cocal is the Yacht for you.

S.Y. COCAL is ready for long ocean voyages, exploration in exotic destinations, adventure diving or simply gathering with your loved ones in beautiful places.

Making YOUR dream come true by joining us means you never have to say; "I should have!".

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What does ‘pay-to-sail’ mean and do you need experience?

Pay-to-sail is for people who specifically want to experience life on board. You want to sail & improve your sailing skills.

You will be part of the crew getting the boat safely from A to B. It’s fun, interactive and full of opportunities to improve your skills and simply enjoy the freedom of being on the ocean.


S.Y. COCAL offers more than enough space and a certain level of comfort is ensured.


When you join the boat as part of the crew, your space is fixed well in advance, allowing for time to book flights and hotels. Plus, with Andrea as a very experienced boat skipper, you will be given ample opportunity to learn about ocean sailing.

Experience isn’t a prerequisite but it is handy. You certainly do need to be comfortable on boats and be ready for an adventure. Be honest about your sailing skills and don’t pretend you have more experience than you really do. Stretching the truth could put you in a difficult situation, and potentially put the lives of everyone on board at risk. Everyone prefers a willing learner than a false ‘expert’! 

Come sailing on our ocean expeditions- join us on any leg of the trip and have an unforgettable sailing experience. Ocean sailing is about more than sailing skills; you’ll be living, eating and sleeping on a gorgeous vessel which will take you to places most people dream of visiting. 
Join us!

Feel free as a bird!

Sailing adventures await you!

Don't wait for the 'perfect' moment, if you wait too long and allow yourself too many excuses you may find that when you look back at missed opportunities that you will regret not taking the plunge......

We think that life is meant to be grabbed by the horns and lived to the fullest.


Every experience helps us to grow as individuals and ensures that we are actually living our lives to its full potential.


A sailing experience like this will add value to your life in ways that are immeasurable.  

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